The Dallas Cowboys selected offensive tackle Tyler Smith with the 24th overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft, but Micah Parsons seemingly didn’t have a positive reaction.

In general, the selection of the former Tulsa Golden Hurricane didn’t wow many Cowboys supporters. That’s what happens when a fanbase’s team selects an offensive lineman with a ton of potential but not a marquee name or from a big school.

A Tweet from Parsons on Thursday night added fuel to the discussion, with the linebacker responding to Jacksonville Jaguars safety Andre Cisco who was sharing his excitement after Jacksonville took two defenders in the first round.

All Parsons said in his quote Tweet was, “Lol.”


— Micah Parsons (@MicahhParsons11) April 29, 2022

A simple “LOL” doesn’t directly say anything about Parsons’ thoughts, but it comes off as one of two things: either Parsons is joshing Cisco for hyping up the Jaguars’ defense or the 2021 Defensive Rookie of the Year is subtly expressing his disappointment in the Cowboys’ approach to the first round on April 28.

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Cowboys Fans Respond to Parsons

It’s important to reiterate that Parsons has not conveyed anything besides the Tweet to Cisco, and it’s not accurate to say he is unhappy or happy. However, what Cowboys fans think is clear in the replies to the Dallas linebacker’s Tweet.

For example, @BrxndonTX’s reply implies that Parsons wanted another linebacker to join the ranks.

“i know micah, i wanted to see the best LB duo in the league be created here in DAL too,” the fan’s reply reads.

Meanwhile, another fan said he also understands Parsons and says that he “doesn’t deserve” how the Cowboys are running things. Peeking into Parsons’ likes on Twitter doesn’t give away any hints, as the linebacker didn’t like or interact with any of the replies to his initial post.

“You don’t deserve the bruh, you deserve a ring,” @reynik7 Tweeted.

Parsons being disappointed over the Cowboys failing to add another defensive playmaker feels like the most likely sentiment behind his Tweet. @itzhiss brings up that edge rusher Jermaine Johnson, a highly-touted prospect out of Florida State, had dropped into Dallas’ lap.

“Should of grabbed Jeremiah to go …read more



Cowboys Fans Think Micah Parsons Is Unhappy with Team’s First Round Choice

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