Keir Starmer has been accused of hypocrisy over the Partygate row amid allegations that the Labour leader ignored Covid guidance by attending a “birthday bash”. 

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According to the Daily Mail, Starmer “​​tucked into” two cakes bought to celebrate his birthday at the start of September 2020. And while it “was not clear” how many other people “​​helped Sir Keir to eat the cakes in his office”, said the paper, coronavirus guidance at the time “advised against holding close social gatherings indoors”. 

Gatherings of up to 30 people were permitted, and hospitality venues were open, although the government recommended against get-togethers attended by more than six people. 

Repeat rule breaker?

The birthday party row broke out days after a Tory MP called for “a fresh investigation” into suggestions that Starmer also violated coronavirus restrictions by “having drinks with Labour Party staff in a constituency office in Durham last spring”, The Telegraph reported.

Following the Daily Mail’s cake claims, a Tory source reportedly said: “It now seems that, as well as sinking a few cold ones with mates at his infamous Durham drinks party, Sir Keir flouted the guidance in place for a little birthday bash.

“That is of course unless you believe that he popped out to a shop, bought himself a cake and sat alone eating it in his office. We know that Labour have lied about these things in the past so it makes you wonder what else they’re hiding. The stench of hypocrisy gets stronger by the day.”

Labour “did not respond to a request for comment”, the Daily Mail reported. “However, a party source said no rules were broken.”

Fines furore

Police have said that Starmer will not be fined over the Durham drinks, “despite renewed pressure from Conservative MPs”, The Times reported.

“Tories have argued that the occasion was a breach of lockdown rules similar to that committed by the prime minister”, the paper continued.

But sources reportedly said that “Durham police did not suspect Starmer of breaking rules and did not take retrospective action on lockdown breaches”. The force took “the same approach” when Boris Johnson’s then adviser Dominic Cummings was found to have driven to Durham from London “when his family contracted the virus during …read more

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Did Keir Starmer break lockdown rules?

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