DEAR HARRIETTE: I spent months saving up to get my sister a gift I knew that she wanted.

Harriette Cole 

She wanted a specific brand of kitchen appliance that can cost up to $4,000. I surprised her with the gift last month, and she seemed genuinely excited.

The other day I went to visit her, and much to my surprise, the appliance was gone. She had sold the gift that I had bought for her on eBay. She said it was too expensive, and she would have rather had the money.

I’m hurt that she sold my gift. Would I be wrong never to buy her anything again?


DEAR UNGRATEFUL: You need to talk to your sister.

Tell her how hurt you are that she sold the gift that you spent months saving to buy for her. Acknowledge that you know it was expensive, but you knew that she had expressed interest in having it. You worked overtime to fulfill her dream, and she just cashed it in.

Tell her that you won’t make that mistake again. It’s not that you should never buy her another present. Just be more practical and frugal. Don’t go beyond your range of affordability.

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However, when you give someone something, it should be offered freely. In the best of circumstances, you should not place strings on a gift once you have presented it to someone.

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Harriette Cole: I saved for months to buy her this gift, and she sold it on eBay

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