As the New York Knicks front office begins to pick up the pieces of a failed season, they will be taking stock of everything in the organization, from the coaching staff to the players.

It’s clear the team needs to hone in on a direction for the future, and with young exciting talents like RJ Barett and Obi Toppin, they would be foolish to chase immediate contention. However, that doesn’t mean the Knicks shouldn’t look to improve their supporting cast, and potentially their coaching staff either.

And that’s where New York legend Fat Joe comes in, as he believes he could instantly add “15 to 20” wins to the franchise by teaching the players how to hold themselves accountable and play with pride.

“I’m going to tell you all the truth: They let me coach the Knicks and be an assistant coach on the Knicks, we would definitely win 20 more games. It’s the lion in my eyes. It’s like, I’m letting my crew know like, ‘Yo, we got to go down.! We lost about a good five to 10 games that we were up 20-something points this year. That’s unacceptable, bro,” Fat Joe said on a recent episode of the Certified Buckets podcast.

Chances are, the Hip-Hop legend was joking around, and he doesn’t actually have an interest in joining the Knicks coaching staff. But he may have a point. The Knicks are a young team in the NBA, and will have to take their lumps as they continue to develop, having somebody as confident and abrasive as Fat Joe in the locker room could spur the young players to operate with additional fire in their bellies and shut up shop after taking a lead.

Fat Joe Believes Brooklyn’s Struggles Will Help Knicks

Basketball in New York is going through a rough period. The Knicks have struggled for relevancy for over a decade, but the Brooklyn Nets were supposed to be a team the city could get behind in the playoffs, only for them to suffer the ignominy of a first-round sweep at the hands of the Boston Celtics.

Now, at least for the remainder of the current season, there is no more basketball in the Big Apple, and fans will have to make do with watching the playoffs without having an emotional investment. However, Fat Joe believes that the Nets have alleviated some of the pressure on Knicks …read more



New York Legend Wants Coaching Role With the Knicks

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