Move over Martha Stewart, P. Allen Smith and all other small-screen garden gurus and make room for Jed and Selim, San Rafael residents who, for internet privacy, go only by their first names.

Jed and Selim are the entertaining creators and hosts of “Late Bloomers Permaculture,” an instructive garden series on YouTube.

“Permaculture is essentially an approach to growing food that works with nature as opposed to fighting it,” says Jed, a Novato native who works as a communications consultant and improv teacher. “Organic is part of it because our goal is to encourage life, not kill it, but it’s a much bigger philosophy than that. The real goal is to produce our own nutritious food in a sustainable, life-affirming way.”

Neither Jed nor Selim, a Tunisian-born neuro-linguistic programming life coach and COVID compliance officer, grew up gardening but after watching a video by French permaculturist Philip Forrer three years ago, Selim says he “was immediately hooked on the idea of growing my own food.”

His epiphany inspired Jed, and two years ago, they transformed the back lawn of their hillside San Rafael home into an edible garden that last summer blessed them with 300 pounds of produce.

The new permaculture promoters decided to document the building of their garden — with all its lessons, surprises, humor and even mistakes — in a YouTube series (

Each lesson focuses on a topic such as “better call soil,” “seeding arrangement” and “fence with benefits,” and generally lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

“For me, (the YouTube series) was partly out of creative frustration,” Jed says. “I’d been a comedy writer and improviser in Chicago for eight years and then the pandemic struck and I lost all my creative outlets.”

Then, his mother died and he needed focus.

“From the get-go, I told Selim, ‘If we do this, it can’t just be another boring, dry gardening channel. It needs to have a sense of humor like we do.’ We both like to laugh and be a little silly and playful in our daily life. At the same time, we both knew it wasn’t going to be only comedy. It had to strike a balance between informing and entertaining.”

Jed and Selim’s 750-square-foot garden at the height of summer, which produced more than 300 pounds of food. 

Selim, who is deeply concerned with reducing the world’s carbon footprint, agreed. “I wanted to show people that we can make a difference, even …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


San Rafael permaculturists document their garden journey with humor on ‘Late Bloomers Permaculture’

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