Margaritaville’s first cruise ship is now operating two-night sailings from Florida to the Bahamas.
I stayed in the almost 180-square-foot oceanview stateroom starting at $200.
The cruise line is new but the stateroom aboard the 30-year-old ship didn’t feel modern or refreshed.

I spent a night in the oceanview stateroom on Margaritaville’s first cruise ship, the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise.

Before the cruise, I expected a modern stateroom decked out with all things Margaritaville and Jimmy Buffett …

… similar to the hotel rooms inside Margaritaville’s recent $300 million Times Square property ….

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… or the other heavily themed spaces aboard the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise cruise ship.

Instead, when I first opened the doors to my stateroom, I was left feeling like the space didn’t live up to its full sponge cake and sun bake potential.

The actual accommodations felt as old as the original “Margaritaville” song.

And for a company that relies so heavily on its branding, the minimal decorations left me surprised and disappointed.

Margaritaville at Sea is the hospitality empire’s first foray into the cruise industry.

But its first ship is nowhere near as new as the brand. It’s actually about 30-years-old.

Margaritaville partnered with Florida-based Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line to create the new brand.

The latter has since rebranded to Margaritaville at Sea …

… and its previous flagship vessel has similarly undergone a “multi-million dollar” transformation to become a floating Margaritaville resort.

Source: Insider

This initial investment was hefty, but it felt like the staterooms weren’t a priority in this ship-wide refreshment.

My accommodation didn’t feel as modern and updated as other recently unveiled cruise ships, which might be understandable given the age of the ship.

But in my opinion, the new cruise brand could have done a better job of turning the plain staterooms into an immersive Margaritaville experience.

The Oceanview stateroom I stayed in is the Margaritaville at Sea Paradises’ mid-tier stateroom option starting at $200.

To compare, the interior stateroom starts at almost $170 …

… while the Grand Terrace suite has a starting price of almost $800.

It wasn’t the grandest option, but my 176-square-foot oceanview stateroom still had all the basics …

… including a television, closet, bed, desk with a chair, and bathroom.

When I first walked in, I …read more

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I stayed in a 176-square-foot stateroom on Margaritaville’s first cruise ship and was severely disappointed — see inside

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