Cedric Maxwell and Draymond Green have been exchanging barbs with each other since Game 2 of the 2022 NBA Finals. The former Boston Celtics player and the team’s current radio color commentator said that Green would have gotten “knocked the f*** out” if he played in the 1980s for his antics on June 6, 2022.

The Golden State Warriors star did not take too kindly to Maxwell’s words. The next day, Green said that players like Maxwell “were getting bullied” during that era and weren’t the ones doing the bullying back then.

On June 8, Maxwell responded to Green, acknowledging that he knows where Green is coming from with his comments, but also said that Maxwell was not a fake tough guy during his playing days.

“I understand what Draymond’s saying,” Maxwell said. “But he keeps saying no one punched nobody. You ask Charles Barkley what happened when he and I got in a fight when I was in LA, with the Clippers.”

Maxwell then went on to point out the age difference between him and Green.

“Draymond wasn’t even born when I was playing,” Maxwell said. “Let me do the math here. Draymond, ask your daddy who I was.”

Robert Parish Agrees With Maxwell’s Comments

On June 7, Celtics legend and NBA Hall-of-Famer Robert Parish went on WEEI’s “Meloni, Fauria, and Mego” radio show to give his thoughts both on Draymond Green and Maxwell’s comments about him. Parish and Maxwell were teammates from 1980 to 1985, so Parish definitely shared the same sentiment with Maxwell regarding Green’s antics.

“Draymond is an instigator. That’s right,” Parish said. “He goes out of his way to provoke people. That’s why he would’ve gotten punched — because he’s an antagonist… Both sides know that Draymond is a contrarian. Like I said, he’s a troublemaker, in my opinion.”

Parish then went on to explain that Green reminds him of another NBA Hall of Famer known for provoking his opponent much like Green and that the more he does it, the more likely it will come back to bite him.

“He’s a fingernail away from letting his teammates down,” Parish said. “He shows up the officials, and you cannot do that. They had to warn him. He was trying to start trouble with different Celtics players, trying to get them to do something out of character. Trying …read more

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Celtics Legend Claps Back At Draymond Green, ‘You Weren’t Even Born!’

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