Jenelle evans tries on bikinis while david eason poops in the sa

After years of unemployment, Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans last month.

Obviously, there’s nothing bad or shameful about sex work, but Jenelle talked trash about numerous other celebs who decided to supplement their incomes with OF, so it’s safe to say she’s reached the point of desperation.

In fact, in a sure sign that the financial situation on The Land is even more dire than we thought, David has also joined OnlyFans.

Jenelle charges $20 a month, which is more even than mainstream celebs like Bella Thorne and Amber Rose ask of subscribers/

Thus far, it seems to be working out for her.

She’s uploaded 66 posts in just a matter of weeks, although subscribers on Reddit and Twitter have complained that the content is no more risque than what Evans typically posts on Instagram.

They say she offers the option to purchase more revealing pics, but apparently, those come with a hefty price tag.

Compare this to Jenelle’s website or her podcast or her makeup line or any of the other business ventures that she’s launced and abandoned over the years, and it’s a full-blown success story.

Anyway, Evans is making money in her first few weeks on the site, but only time will tell if this is a venture that will enable her to feed the three children that she and David are responsible for.

(The Easons have five kids between them, but they only have custody of three.)

So Jenelle needs to keep her subscribership high — which might explain why she’s been posting some downright bizarre content on her TikTok page.

In one of her latest posts, Jenelle does a “try-on haul” after buying some swimsuits at Target.

Nothing strange about that — except that David is dropping a deuce in the same room just a few feet away.

Now, Jenelle works hard to delete the negative comments that appear on all of her posts, but even she couldn’t stay ahead of the curve on this one.

“He’s taking a literal sh-t on the toilet,” one stunned commenter remarked.

On Reddit and elsewhere, users have been discussing what might have prompted Jenelle to go back on her promise to never join OnlyFans.

“Saw this coming. She’s so averse to getting an actual job that she will do anything that seems like easy money. And David is just looking for a meal ticket so he’ll probably help her with it so he doesn’t have to work either. Jokes on her,” one person wrote.

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Jenelle Evans Tries on Bikinis While David Eason Poops In the Same Room In Bizarre Video

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