Amy Dickinson

Dear Amy: I am beginning to think that I’m in violation of some unwritten social code with respect to gift giving.

Amy Dickinson 

After a very acrimonious divorce, we experienced the typical “siding off” of our mutual acquaintances.

This is understandable, as divorce puts friends in awkward positions.

Anyway, I have continued to send gifts as children of “our” friends marry, despite not being an invited guest. These gifts are not being acknowledged.

I’m trying to figure out if I just hit a streak of ungrateful young people or if my giving is so grossly out of place that it is just being ignored. Any guidance is really appreciated.

Bewildered Giver

Dear Bewildered: All gifts should be acknowledged, even if the gift bewilders the recipient.

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You do not need to receive a wedding invitation in order to send a gift, but if you have never met the couple — or haven’t seen the marrying person in many years — you might want to switch your generosity to a warmly worded card.

Dear Amy: In 2020, my nephew, “TJ,” graduated from high school. My husband and I are especially close to him.

Due to COVID, there was no graduation party. During lockdown, I sent TJ a card and enclosed money.

Later, I sent a personal, heartfelt letter, wanting him to know how much I enjoyed seeing him grow, recounting memories we shared, giving him unsolicited advice about college (that he could take or leave), etc.

TJ called to thank me for the …read more

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Ask Amy: Are my gifts to these young people out of line?

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