Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, leaves the White House last July.

Sanders is urging Dems to rethink their approach so the party doesn’t faceplant in the November midterms.
He wants the party to offer a liberal version of the GOP’s 1994 “Contract with America.”
He’s also pushing Biden to blame Manchin and Sinema for the party’s failure to deliver on their agenda.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is issuing a fresh warning that Democrats’ chances of winning in the midterms are slipping away fast.

In an interview with Politico published on Thursday, the progressive from Vermont — and the chair of the powerful Senate Budget Committee — said that “Republicans stand an excellent chance of gaining control of the House and quite possibly the Senate.”

It’s not a new sentiment from Sanders, who has watched firsthand as Democrats stalled out on their Build Back Better plan, a package of expansive social spending and climate legislation. But he’s also offering an antidote to their string of political illnesses largely stemming from inflation dragging down President Joe Biden’s approval ratings.

He’s pushing Democrats to take a page from the GOP playbook and offer a progressive “Contract with America” that spans the party’s priorities on climate and social programs. It’s meant to be a liberal version of the conservative agenda Republicans spearheaded by Newt Gingrich used to sweep to victory in the 1994 midterm elections.

Sanders also wants Biden to acknowledge Democrats can’t achieve their most of their agenda due to resistance from Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, a pair of centrist holdouts.

The Vermont independent is counseling Biden to say: “I can’t do it. I need more votes.”

Negotiations continue between Senate Majority Chuck Schumer and Manchin continue on a smaller climate and jobs package. But after four meetings, the pair seem no closer to breaking the stalemate. “We’ve got a ways to go,” Schumer said Thursday.

It’s not the first time that Sanders has warned Democrats about what may lay ahead — and how they can turn things around and rally support. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Sanders said that it’s “political suicide” to turn your back on the working class, a group whose support, he told Politico, is “fading away.”

It’s “good politics to become strongly involved in the labor movement,” Sanders told Vanity Fair, adding that throwing support behind workers across the country who are …read more

Source:: Business Insider


Bernie Sanders wants to borrow from the GOP playbook and offer a progressive ‘Contract with America’ like the one that drove Republicans to victory in 1994

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