The next Chicago White Sox manager was talking with fans Thursday on a beautiful afternoon on the South Side.

There was much to discuss, and he had no problem telling them the truth, because he doesn’t know any other way to operate.

Of course, it’s probably too early to speculate who will take over for Tony La Russa when the Sox manager decides he’s done, and we’ve already established he’s not going to be fired for the team’s unimpressive start.

Suffice to say plenty of candidates will be throwing their hats into the mix, knowing the Sox are built to win and need only a few fixes to get over the hump. And the early favorite has to be former catcher A.J. Pierzynski, an analyst for Fox Sports who also gets paid by the Sox as an ambassador, the role he was in Thursday during the series finale against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Guaranteed Rate Field.

First things first: Pierzynski doesn’t believe the 77-year-old La Russa is going anywhere soon.

“They have a team that’s supposed to win, right?” Pierzynski said in an interview outside the Bards Room. “And I think they still will. I don’t think he’s going unless something drastic or crazy happens. I don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon. He still seems to enjoy it when I talk to him. He still seems to enjoy the day-to-day grind.

“Tony likes coming to the park. Every time I see him he’s got a smile on his face and he’s excited.”

Connie Mack was the oldest manager in history at age 87, so maybe La Russa wants to last 10 more years and break the record. But this seems like a make-or-break year for the Sox manager. If they don’t make the postseason, it would be difficult to rationalize another chance in 2023.

Pierzynski, meanwhile, has made no bones about his interest in managing one day. He has seen Aaron Boone, David Ross and others go directly from the TV booth to the dugout, and many Sox fans have told him they’d like to see him run the show.

“I think other people have said it more than I’ve ever really thought about it,” he said. “I still obviously have a lot of friends here, and they send me tweets and stuff (saying that), and people send me articles.

“Listen, I’m not actively out there pursuing it or (hoping) for anything to happen to …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


Column: A.J. Pierzynski as the next Chicago White Sox manager? He definitely would listen.

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