Christina Corpus, Millbrae’s top cop, could become California’s first Latina sheriff and San Mateo County’s first woman sheriff in its 166-year history if early election results hold up.

With about 63,362 ballots counted as of 1 a.m. Wednesday, Corpus — a sheriff’s office captain who serves as Millbrae’s police chief under the city’s contract with the office — had collected 30,503 votes, or 54%. Her boss, Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, received 25,600, or 45%. Although 433,539 county residents are registered to vote, election officials are still counting mail-in ballots and could not provide an estimate of how many votes were cast.

Whether she ends up with more than the 50% of the votes needed to win the election outright or is forced to run off against Bolanos in the Nov. 8 general election, Corpus says she is “very encouraged” by the results so far.

A victory would culminate two decades of working up the ranks from a correctional officer in the county’s jail to becoming captain.

On Wednesday, Corpus said she owes her support to people in the county who want to see real change in the sheriff’s office.

“It’s very telling of our times that the people in this county are not OK with the status quo and the establishment, the pass-downs and political favors that are always paid back,” Corpus said. “People want someone that’s going to come in and really care about the people in this county and work together to move our law enforcement agency to the 21st century.”

Throughout the campaign, Corpus has been promising to lead a cultural change of the sheriff’s office, fill dozens of vacant deputy positions, raise salaries, rebuild relationships with the immigrant community, reduce lethal force situations and organize better mental health response and follow-up programs.

She’s also promised to fully audit the sheriff’s office budget and “questionable” contracts.

Corpus was passed up for a promotion by Bolanos to be assistant sheriff before being assigned to serve as Millbrae’s police chief, which she called “a blessing in disguise.” She claims the person who got the assistant sheriff’s job wasn’t more qualified than she but Bolanos had “favors to pay back.” Bolanos has denied that.

Corpus also said she’s faced unwarranted scrutiny from Bolanos and his executive team, which Bolanos also denies.

“It’s common knowledge in our organization that if you’re not loyal to the sheriff then you will pay the price,” Corpus said. “That’s the worst kind of leadership when you …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


Corpus promises reform if she hangs on to beat San Mateo County Sheriff Bolanos

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