Teresa Giudice began starring on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” during its first season, which premiered in 2009. Her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga joined the cast during season 3. 

On June 7, a Reddit user shared old pictures of Teresa, Joe Gorga, and Melissa on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit. The first picture showed the Gorgas, Teresa, and her ex-husband Joe Giudice standing with former “RHONJ” star, Kathy Wakile, and her husband Richard Wakile. Teresa and her ex-husband posed with Richard and Kathy in the second photo. The following two pictures showed Joe Giudice and Teresa standing close while smiling brightly. Joe Giudice put his arms around his ex-wife and Melissa, who were holding children, in the fifth slide. Teresa’s late parents, Antonia Gorga and Giacinto Gorga were featured in the final snap. 

“The Giudice/Gorga Clan through the years,” read the caption of the post. 

Reddit Users Shared Their Thoughts About the Photos

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Several fans flocked to the post’s comments section to share that they believed Melissa looked different in the old photos. 

“Melissa is almost unrecognizable,” wrote a commenter

“The takeaways I got from this is that Melissa looks SO different and I have a thing for a young Joe Giudice,” added another

“Aww, Melissa’s original face!” commented a different person

“Melissa looks like a totally different person omg,” shared a Bravo fan

“Yikes what I notice is how Melissa has changed! But she didn’t have any work though right?” wrote an “RHONJ” star.

“Do you think Melissa would have changed as much as she did if she never went on the show?” asked a sixth Reddit user.

Some commenters also noted that the Gorgas had their fair share of issues with Teresa during “RHONJ” season 12. 

“It’s sad looking at these photos that this whole family pretty much hates each other now,” wrote a Bravo fan

“This bums me out tbh. They looked like a normal, happy, fun family that really enjoyed each other. A lot has changed,” shared an “RHONJ” fan

“Maybe it’s my lack of sleep but looking at these is kind of sad? Like knowing they aren’t …read more

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Fans Think Melissa Gorga Looks So Different in Old Picture

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