“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham went off on Mack Lovat, the guitarist from Minus Gravity whom she briefly dated. Abraham called off the relationship hours after she confirmed they were dating.

After Lovat did an interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup — where he said he never agreed to be Abraham’s boyfriend — she leaked a text exchange that contained a private photo possibly sent by Lovat. No one’s face is shown in the snap: It’s an image of a man standing in front of a mirror, wearing only a shirt.

“I was just confused I thought I was missing something. thank you,” Lovat’s rumored message to Abraham read.

“Do u miss him? he misses u,” Lovat appeared to have texted. It appeared like Abraham “hearted” the picture but tried to cover it up.

Abraham covered the man’s genitals with a rooster emoji and next to it she wrote a blurb about Lovat.

“I get the universes message,” Abraham wrote via Instagram Story on June 8. “Don’t give anyone a chance anymore, don’t let people come out in public, unless they are public, & globally know or I’ll have some one telling me were dating but to the world they don’t know me.”

“Right clown,” she continued. “Don’t send me d*** pics! Get some f****** help & keep my name out of your mouth! You were blocked for a reason! Gross.”

It wasn’t immediately clear if the picture and text exchange posted by Abraham on Instagram Story were authentic.

Heavy reached out to Abraham for further context, but she declined to comment.

Abraham Accused Lovat of Being a ‘Habitual’ Liar

What is she trying to tell us?! from TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

Abraham shared a paparazzi photo that showed Lovat holding her hand.

“1. I bring receipts,” Abraham wrote on Instagram Story. “‘Mack Lovat’ is a habitual lier and is blocked for his abusive behavior.”

“Any dude who steps outside with me could be in the press so I guess don’t hang with a star if you don’t want to deal with it,” she continued. “Yet he was on a carpet the night before.”

Abraham added an emoji of a judge and a gif that said, “I rest my case.”

Lovat Was Newly Single When He Started Dating Abraham

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Farrah Abraham Appears to Share Mack Lovat’s D*** Pic

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