President Joe Biden speaks with host Jimmy Kimmel during a commercial break during the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Wednesday, June 8, 2022, in Los Angeles prior to attending the Summit of the Americas.

Joe Biden joked that when he needs to flush important documents down the toilet, he calls Trump. 
“Everyone talks about sensitive documents and the like. I don’t destroy anything,” Biden told Jimmy Kimmel.
A book by The New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman claimed Trump clogged toilets by flushing documents.

On his first appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” since 2019, President Joe Biden joked that when he needs to flush any sensitive documents down the toilet, he phones a friend: Former President Donald Trump. 

“Just a process question, when you have sensitive documents that you need to flush down the toilet, is that done in your office toilet or in the personal bathroom area?” Kimmel cheekily asked Biden during his appearance on Wednesday. 

“I call Trump,” Biden responded, prompting laughter and applause from the crowd. 

“Everyone talks about sensitive documents and the like. I don’t destroy anything,” Biden continued, trailing off into a story about spending 78 hours with Xi Jinping — more time than any head of state has spent with the Chinese leader. 

He said when they were together, they each had a translator to help them communicate effectively.

“The difference between when I would do that and others would do that is I always handed in all my notes,” Biden said. 

“You gotta hand in your notes. We learn that in school, theoretically,” Kimmel responded. 

The pair was referring to February a report that White House staffers said Trump often clogged toilets in the building after stuffing them full of wads of printed paper. 

The claim was made by The New York Times’ White House correspondent Maggie Haberman in her new book “Confidence Man,” a copy of which was obtained by Axios ahead of its October publication date.

Trump denied the claim, saying he was told he was under “no obligation” to turn over his administration’s records, which flies in the face of presidential-records law.

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Joe Biden jokes that when he needs to flush sensitive documents down the toilet he calls Trump

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