U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert argued for a second term in office while Republican and Democratic challengers looked for holes in the incumbent’s armor during an online forum Wednesday night.

The forum, hosted by the League of Women Voters of Colorado, gave each of the five candidates a chance to say why they’re the best fit for the state’s sweeping Western Slope district. Most of the candidates’ arguments boiled down to a single point: they’re not Boebert.

The incumbent congresswoman, still serving her first term, faces perhaps her most substantial challenge from fellow Republican Don Coram, a state senator from Montrose. But whoever wins in the June 28 primary between the two, must still defeat the Democratic nominee.

The contenders for that title are Adam Frisch, a former Aspen City Council member; Sol Sandoval, a community activist from Pueblo; Alex Walker an engineer living in Eagle, which is not part of the 3rd Congressional District.

Each of the challenging candidates flexed their ability to work across the aisle with those of a differing political persuasion, though Boebert dug her heels into her conservative position, name-checking President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi multiple times during the forum.

“Liberal policies are failing this country,” Boebert said. “Every one of my opponents supports liberal policies, I don’t.”

Frisch especially took aim at Boebert’s behavior in office noting that she has failed to work with Democrats during her first term and calling her a leader in the “anger entertainment industry,” frequently mentioning her substantial and often controversial social media presence.

Walker noted that he is disenchanted with both political parties and touted his ability to communicate to young voters and others in Congress.

“I will push back on what is broken in both parties,” Walker said. “Proudly, defiantly and with data.”

Sandoval listed her growing number of endorsements as proof of her ability to work with most everyone.

Coram underscored his bipartisan bonafides, pointing to his track record in Colorado’s General Assembly. Boebert, he noted, has yet to pass a single bill in Congress.

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Lauren Boebert squares off with Republican and Democratic challengers in online forum

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