Paul Borrow-Longain with Ilma Bogdan, former chief of staff, at a Help for Heroes Carol Concert in December 2019.

A man who created an eccentric persona under a second name is accused of pressuring young people to take out loans.
Paul Edwin Lancelot Thomas Borrow-Longain, a Tory donor, can be traced back to Paul J Langan.
At least two women who say they were pressured to take out loans by Borrow-Longain claim they are now thousands of pounds in debt.

A man who is operating under an elaborate second name is alleged to have pressured at least two young women into taking out loans worth thousands of pounds, an Insider investigation has revealed.

Paul Edwin Lancelot Thomas Borrow-Longain is a Conservative Party donor and member of various linked groups, granting him access to ministers such as Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Foreign Office minister James Cleverly. 

Borrow-Longain is a genealogy fan, counts minor royalty among his friends and patrons, and claims to a plethora of honours, including a coat of arms, the Freedom of the City of London, and a knighthood from the defunct Austrian nobility.

But he appears on a poster, promoting a discussion about the future of retail, under a different name of Paul Langan. 

Tories branded him ‘Borrowed-Longname’

The poster, which dates from 2010 and places Langan in Canada, is corroborated by a Twitter account that matches up with a Companies House account showing businesses with addresses linked to Borrow-Longain’s firms.

Langan is also a Conservative supporter, having been the acting chairman of Conservatives Abroad, according to his LinkedIn page.

Paul J Langan shown on a poster from 2010.

Two Conservative sources raised their suspicions about Borrow-Longain with Insider, saying such suspicions had earned himself the moniker “Borrowed-Longname” in certain circles.

He runs a string of companies and not-for profits focused on social media, the Commonwealth, and fundraising, including LynxOr Global, Pulsar Studios, Tolo Media, Terrestres Servo Coronas and ADR Technology.  

Five former employees and four further sources spoke to Insider on condition of anonymity, citing fear of reprisal and concern about their future careers.

Several said he was working under what they described as a “fake” or assumed name.  One confirmed, unprompted, that his other name was Langan. Another source, who has known Borrow-Longain for many years, told Insider he had changed his name after returning from Canada. 

Targets: Young, female, Tory

Four sources, three of whom were young women, said Borrow-Longain …read more

Source:: Business Insider


Tory donor who changed his name and invented eccentric persona accused of pressuring young people into taking out loans

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