Golden State Warriors players were forced to take a break from their pregame shootaround before Game 3 of the NBA Finals to wait for an on-court adjustment from the Boston Celtics stadium staff.

Some angry Warriors fans don’t think the mishap was a coincidence.

As Warriors players were preparing for Wednesday’s game, they noticed that the hoop seemed to be just a bit too high. ESPN’s Kendra Andrews reported that staff checked it out and found that the hoop was set two inches too high, leading to a delay that forced Warriors players to take a pause while the issue was corrected.

With a little over 90 minutes to tip off one of the Warriors assistant coaches noticed that the rim seemed too high in early warmups. He brought a couple players out to confirm and they also believed the rim was too high. They measured and in fact the rim was 2 inches too high.

— Kendra Andrews (@kendra__andrews) June 9, 2022

While the mistake had no effect on the game itself, some Warriors fans took to Twitter to express anger at the disruption and speculate whether it may have been done on purpose.

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Warriors Fans Sound Off

After video reached social media showing the adjustments being made to the hoop during warmups, a vocal subset of Warriors fans accused the Celtics of purposely raising the hoop to throw off the rhythm of Warriors’ shooters and disrupt their pregame shooting routines.

“Celtics already needing an advantage over the Warriors. They are scared,” one fan tweeted.

If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying!

— Michael Dougherty (@MJDorty) June 9, 2022

Some fans noted that the Celtics have gained a reputation for doing anything necessary to squeeze out an extra advantage at home.

“Celtics tradition to cheat on their home floor. Former players brag about what they would do at the Boston Garden to gain an advantage,” a fan tweeted.

Some of the strange issues have been documented. During a 2017 playoff series, Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade complained that there was no hot water in the visiting locker room.

Wade just informed teammates there’s no hot water for showers in visiting locker …read more



Warriors Fans Blast Celtics Over Controversial Pregame Incident

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