The Boston Celtics might be seen as an outsider in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely that they actually throw their hat into the ring.

According to a July 15 report by ESPN’s Zach Lowe, the Celtics and Brooklyn Nets have had ‘no substantive talks’ when it comes to a potential trade for Durant.

“Jaylen Brown makes sense in theory as the centerpiece of a Durant megadeal, and the Celtics have to be wary of Brown’s unrestricted free agency in two years. But there have been no substantive talks about such a deal, sources say,” Lowe wrote in his article.

From The Athletic:

The Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat have the pieces to acquire Kevin Durant, who, when healthy, is widely considered to be one of the best players in the NBA. Does either want to break up the good teams they already have?
Should th…

— Taylor Randall (@TaylorR40829060) July 17, 2022

Of course, when you consider all the potential trade packages that teams can provide the Nets, an offer that includes Jaylen Brown would quickly become one of the more desirable options, but it would seem the Celtics are reluctant to split up their core wing duo after coming so close to lifting an NBA championship last season.

Jaylen Brown ended last season as arguably Boston’s best player against the Golden State Warriors, and their clear-cut second option throughout the regular season, where he averaged 23.6 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 3.5 assists while shooting 47.3% from the field and 35.8% from deep.

Brown Could be Tempted to Look Elsewhere

Since Brown entered the NBA, he’s been a part of the Celtics organization and has tasted varying levels of success while playing alongside Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum. Yet, according to WEEI’s Jermaine Wiggins, Brown is currently unhappy with his situation in Boston and would like the opportunity to lead his own team.

ICYMI @jwiggs85 was outside over the weekend and happened to bump into #Celtics star Jaylen Brown.

Their conversation was VERY interesting.

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“Let’s just say, we were in the same spot…I’m no snitch. All I’m saying is Jaylen Brown wants …read more



Celtics Yet to Make Firm Inquiry on Kevin Durant Trade: Report

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