Russian servicemen in Melitopol, Ukraine, on June 14, 2022.

Ukraine said it intercepted a conversation between a Russian solider and his wife.
In it, he complains about Ukraine’s long-range weapons and said of Russia: “They just send us to slaughter.”
He said he doesn’t have equipment to fight back thanks to Ukraine’s long-range weaponry.

Ukrainian authorities published audio they say shows a Russian solider complaining to his partner that he had been sent “to slaughter” during Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Security Service of Ukraine shared audio of a conversation between a man and woman on Friday, and said it was a conversation between an “occupier” and his wife.

“Here, you know, they just send us to slaughter. It’s not a smart way at all,” the man’s voice says in the audio. It is not clear where in Ukraine the man was, or when the conversation took place.

He said that as he moves, Ukrainian soldiers are “waiting for you, watching, expecting you. They’ve adjusted guns to these fucking trenches. You reach there, some point, and they’re fucking watching you!”

He said that Ukraine’s ability to fire from far away meant he and his fellow soldiers could not respond in kind.

“They just sit drinking coffee and press buttons — and just throw shells on you.”

Ukrainian personnel inspect a Russian projectile in a street in Kyiv, February 24, 2022.

“Where do you shoot? Whom do you shoot? There’s fucking no one. Fuck knows. And here you’re rushing around like an asshole.

“So many of our tanks have been burned here, so many pieces of equipment, damn it.

“And our fuckheads can’t even hit them. They can’t fucking locate them. Our fucking brainless brigade. Our army. These fucking asshole commanders . Every day, people die here. Just for fucking nothing.”

The woman then responded, saying he needs to fire back with a tank. But he said that the Ukrainians are too far away.

“What the hell. They start firing at you from three to four kilometers away. Where are you going to shoot from a tank?”

The woman then asked: “Don’t you have such equipment?”

He responded: “We don’t have specialists, damn it,” and she replied “Fuck.”

The turret of a destroyed Russian tank stuck in the ground in Zalissia in the Kyiv region of Ukraine May 3, 2022.

“No specialists. They fucking fire,” the man continues. “They’ve probably thrown 20 carriages of projectiles into fucking nothing.”

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Source:: Business Insider


A Russian solider complained of being sent to the ‘slaughter’ against Ukrainian long-range weapons in intercepted audio

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