Dear Amy: We apparently live in a time of excessive self-marketing. This is exhausting for me to be around.

Self-labeling to elevate one’s status, without earning a title through the hard work, seems epidemic.

As an example, a chiropractor calls herself a doctor. A hobbyist calls herself a photographer. A book club attendee proclaims himself to be a scholar of fiction. Words such as “amateur” and “avocation” seem to have slipped from our vocabulary.

I’d love to tell the chiropractor how my doctor/dad went to 14 years of medical school after high school. But, alas, my unsatisfying approach is to mute myself and leave them to their bubble.

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The most successful and accomplished people I know are typically the most modest. I love to support and encourage others, but false advertising rips it for me. Any suggestions on how to respond, if at all?

Buy One, Get One Free

Dear Buy One: Chiropractors can call themselves “doctors,” but they should not refer to themselves as “MDs.” In the broader sense, doctors are healers, teachers or practitioners. In that context, chiropractors fit the definition.

My own credentials are sometimes challenged, and my response is always the same: “I am an amateur.” To imply, claim, or passively let others believe that you have credentials you don’t possess is just … dishonest.

I agree with you that inflation is out of control. All the same, there is a great wave of self-taught people attaining excellence in a number of fields. Credentials do …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


Ask Amy: How can I call out a poseur on these inflated claims?

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