One former star from “The Bachelorette” opened up her Instagram page to fan questions over the weekend, and she shared some interesting responses. She soon deleted one particular slide that quickly sparked a lot of buzz, but not before others could notice it.

Ashley Hebert fell in love with J.P. Rosenbaum during her season that aired in 2011, and they married in December 2012, noted Us Weekly. However, their fairy tale romance took a turn, and the two split in October 2020. They co-parent their two children, Fordham and Essex, and they are careful about what they say about one another. Here, however, Hebert shared some thoughts that gave “Bachelor Nation” fans a bit of insight from a different perspective.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hebert Noted Things Are Not Always as They Seem

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In her July 17 Instagram stories, Hebert replied to one fan who said, “JP used the words stable and civil to describe your relationship. What about you?” Hebert replied, “He did? Lol Those words sound political to me. I think we are fine. Very focused on the kids. No frills. Lol.” That response was not particularly controversial, and she left that slide live on her Instagram stories. The one she deleted seemed to hint at a bit more, though.

When a fan asked why Hebert and Rosenbaum divorced, noting her ex-husband was “so sweet,” Hebert wrote a lengthy reply.

“I’m not saying this to comment on anyones sweetness lol…. But I always find these messages interesting because unless you know someone in person…how do you know that they are sweet? Honestly, most of the people I love from the bachelor/bachelorette are not super beloved on social media. It’s really interesting to me how different people can come across on social media and in person…”

As she noted, Hebert wrote this intending it as a general comment, not specific to Rosenbaum. “The Bachelorette” fans on Reddit, however, had plenty of opinions regarding what Hebert shared. “Did you expect either of them to go public with what is an intensely person[al] matter? They’re both taking the high road,” one person noted.

She Has Moved on & Is ‘Glowing Finally’

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‘Bachelorette’ Hints Ex Is Not as ‘Sweet’ as It Appears on Social Media

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