One of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey‘s suitors shared some personal details with the world ahead of the Monday, July 18, 2022, episode of “The Bachelorette.”

John Anderson met Rachel and Gabby on the premiere episode of the show, which aired on July 11, 2022. Although he didn’t receive a first impression rose, John wasn’t sent home night one, as the ladies decided to keep the party going in an effort to give all of the guys time to speak to both of them.

John, a 26-year-old English teacher from Nashville, Tennessee, is described as a “sweet and genuine man who will do anything for the people for whom he truly cares,” in his ABC bio.

“Though he may come off as shy at first, once you get to know John, it’s hard to ignore the positivity that radiates from within him. John’s perfect woman is loving, honest and vocal about what she wants in her partner,” his bio continues.

And if you like what you’re seeing when it comes to John, he just shared a lot more about his personal life on Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know:

John Was Diagnosed With Leukemia When He Was 14

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As John prepares to tune in to the second episode of the season, he decided to share his story.

“Here’s something to get y’all prepared for week 2 tonight!! Many of you don’t know much about me other than I’m bad with names. So, I want to share the experiences that have made me, me. The date January 24th has a significant impact on my life,” John captioned an Instagram post.

He went on to detail all of the things that have happened in his life on the date January 24th. One of those things was a cancer diagnosis.

“Jan. 24, 2006 – I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was given chemo everyday for about 4 years. It was a tough battle, not only for me, but for my family and friends too. I’ve been cleared for 12 years now and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been,” John wrote.

In one of the photos that John uploaded, he posed for a school picture during his chemo treatments, as evidenced by his hair loss. He also uploaded a photo for each of the other significant dates …read more



Current ‘Bachelorette’ Star Reveals Cancer Diagnosis in Candid Post

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