The Drew League has a long history of great basketball and being linked to some of the best NBA players during every offseason. Over the last 10 years players like Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, and more. The league began in 1973 and has been home to some of the best well-known college, streetball, high school, and international pros. The Drew took center stage this weekend with LeBron James making a now infamous 42-point performance in the world-famous league. 

James wasn’t the only major NBA star slated to make an appearance this weekend. DeMar DeRozan plays in the Drew League just about every offseason, but another highly anticipated player in this weekend’s slate was Kyrie Irving. ESPN insider Dave McMenamin reported that Irving would also be playing in the weekend’s games. 

“Kyrie Irving is expected to play in the Drew League in Los Angeles today at 11 a.m., Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley told ESPN. LeBron James is expected to play at 1:45, per Smiley. Yahoo earlier reported James’ plans to return to the Drew for the first time since 2011,” McMenamin shared on July 16.

Kyrie Irving No Show At Drew League

However, despite the reports Irving didn’t make his way out to the historic Los Angeles venue suiting up. Fans piled into the small gymnasium looking forward to seeing another NBA star in action, but Irving didn’t show on Saturday or Sunday. The commissioner of the Drew League commented on Irving’s absence saying, “I don’t know. They were pretty sure he was coming. But you know how Kyrie is. I guess he changed his mind in the middle of it,” Dino Smiley said per the NBA’s Mark G. Medina.

At that time of Smiley’s comments, there was still a chance he could show up to one of the final exhibition games. 

“We still have a couple of games left today and then six tomorrow. So, (we’ll see). But that sounded like it was going to be a sure bet, but I don’t know what happened,” Smiley said per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

He did not show, but why? On July 17, video surfaced of why Kyrie missed and where he was instead of at Drew League. 

Why Kyrie Missed Drew League

Kyrie’s absence from his Drew League appearance instantly made waves around NBA Twitter, with a long list …read more



Kyrie Irving Video Goes Viral Following Controversial Absence

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