The Brooklyn Nets are still trying to navigate through the offseason normally, despite star forward Kevin Durant requesting a trade out of town.

This bombshell news came in June, and now past the midway point in July, it doesn’t seem like there’s a ton of traction on a potential deal for the superstar.

NBA insider and Nets reporter Brian Lewis reports the Nets are doing everything they can to hang onto sharpshooter Joe Harris in a trade, which would of course limit what they can receive in return for Durant or Kyrie Irving.

In a Spotify Live with fellow reporter Marc Stein, Lewis drops the news.

They don’t want to trade him,” he said on the stream. “They are not shopping him and he is not a salary dump. I’m told that they want to keep him. It’s just a matter of, ‘Can they keep him in whatever deal might be upcoming for Kyrie?’”

Harris Not Being Traded

It makes sense the Nets would want to keep Harris as they greatly felt his absence last season. Harris would be the best shooter on many teams, so Durant and Irving giving him open shots from deep would be a huge boon if he comes back healthy.

Of course, there’s now no guarantee Irving or Durant will be back next season, but the Nets will still want to keep some solid players on the roster. If the Nets do still want to move Irving, however, Seth Curry might be the most likely candidate to be traded alongside him.

“The Lakers have been disinclined to the inclusion of Harris, and are instead seeking the insertion of sharpshooter Seth Curry as part of the arrangement, sources said,” Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes reported back on July 2.

A market hasn’t really materialized for Durant, and a lot of it could come down to his age. If he was 10 years younger this could be a different story entirely. The superstar has four years left on his deal, and if he stays healthy and productive he could still get at least one big payday before retirement.

If Durant finds himself still on the Nets next season, then that would likely mean Kyrie Irving will be sticking around as well. Before Durant requested his trade, Irving looked like he was going to be heading out the door, but he eventually picked up his player …read more



Nets Take Firm Stance on Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Trade Talks: Report

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