MTV star Brianna Jaramillo recently opened up about her son Braeson’s disability. In a “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” clip, exclusively obtained by Page Six, Brianna tells her mom that kids haven’t been accepting of Braeson’s disability. Brianna’s son was born with one arm.

“There’s been one kid that is very scared of him, because of his arm and he’ll start screaming and run away,” the 22-year-old told her mom.

According to Page Six, the clip then cut to a sweet scene of Brianna helping Braeson navigate his disability.

“Can you say, I was born like this?’” Brianna asked Braeson, to which he quitely responded, “I was born like this.”

According to Page Six, Brianna initially struggled to accept her son’s condition.

In season one, she told viewers she even blamed herself at one point.

“It made no sense to me. Like, why would this happen? But it happened. I feel like it was my fault,” she said in an episode, Page Six reported.

According to Page Six, Braeson’s condition stemmed from “amniotic band syndrome, or constricted growth, while he was in utero.”

Brianna told viewers in season one that understanding why it happened gave her peace of mind.

Rachel Beaver on Her Relationship With Noah

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Since season one of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant,” viewers have watched Rachel Beaver struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with her boyfriend, Noah.

In a July 2022 interview with Pop Culture, the “Young and Pregnant” star revealed that she and Noah had ended things for good a couple of months ago.

Rachel spoke candidly about their relationship, admitting she pretended she was happy during the relationship even when the romance started to crumble.

“I acted like I was so happy, he was so good for me, this and that. I just hyped him up the whole time,” she told the outlet.

“I was cheated on,” she continued. “There [were] just so many things going on behind closed doors that I very much … I shouldn’t have hid that, and now that I know that the season’s going to come out, it’s going to look like I was so happy, and how do I explain to everybody, ‘Oh no, he really…’ I don’t know.”

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‘Teen Mom’ Star Opens up About Her Son’s Disability

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