This 1997 image provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during an investigation into an outbreak of monkeypox, which took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, depicts the dorsal surfaces of the hands of a monkeypox case patient who was displaying the appearance of the characteristic rash during its recuperative stage. T

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via Associated Press

The number of monkeypox cases in Utah continues to climb, but it’s not clear how many cases there have been so far.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting 13 monkeypox cases in Utah. But the Utah Department of Health and Human Services has recorded only 11 cases in the state — eight in Salt Lake County and one each in Utah and Davis counties, and the area served by the Weber-Morgan Health Department.

Utah state epidemiologist Dr. Leisha Nolen said a similar difference in the count recently was due to a Utah resident being diagnosed with the virus in California, and California authorities alerting the CDC but not passing along the information to Utah.

“That’s where the errors come in,” Nolen said. “We would like to have those updates, certainly if the person comes back to our state so we can make sure to connect with them, make sure they’re able to isolate and prevent the spread to other people, as well as find out if other people have been exposed.”

Monkeypox, usually confined to parts of Africa, has spread globally, mainly in men who have sex with men. As of Monday, the CDC said there are 1,972 cases in the U.S. The virus started showing up in the United States in early May and later that month, two Salt Lake County residents were identified as Utah’s first cases.

Nolen said all of Utah’s cases are in men, and those most at risk are likely to have had around 10 sexual partners within a few weeks. She said the state looked at rates of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases to determine the distribution of Utah’s federal allocation of the smallpox vaccine approved for use against monkeypox.

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Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


Utah has more monkeypox cases, but CDC, state, disagree on how many

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