Citi is a national bank with 690 branches sprinkled around the US.

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Citi Savings Account rates

Citi breaks its accounts into the following six “packages.” Here are the packages with their APY:

Access Account: 0.05% APY
Basic Banking: 0.05% APY
The Citi Account: 0.05% APY
Citi Priority: 0.10% APY
Citigold: 0.12% APY
Citigold Private Client: 0.15% APY

Each package comes with different benefits. A big perk of higher-tiered packages is that you can earn a better savings rate with a higher account balance.

Higher-tiered accounts come with a few cons, too, such as higher monthly service fees and more stringent requirements to waive monthly fees. You may choose to open a corresponding checking account within your package, or you may just want to open the savings account.

Citi Savings Account vs. Citi Accelerate Savings Account

You may notice that Citi has two savings account options: the Citi Savings Account and the Citi Accelerate Savings Account. These accounts have three main differences:

The Citi Savings Account is a regular savings account, and the Citi Accelerate Savings Account is a high-yield savings account that pays you a higher rate if you have a $1 minimum balance.
The Citi Savings Account is available in markets where there are Citi branch locations; the Citi Accelerate Savings Account is an online account for people who live in markets where there are no brick-and-mortar locations.

The exceptions to the rule about branches locations: There are branches in South Dakota and certain parts of Florida, but you can still open a Citi Accelerate Savings Account. Here are the parts of the US where you cannot open a Citi Accelerate Savings Account:

Select parts of Florida
Select parts of Illinois
New Jersey
New York
Washington DC
Puerto Rico

However, if you live in those states, you can open a Citi Savings Account.

How does Citi Savings Account compare?

We’ve compared the Citi® Savings Account rates to rates at two other banks with branches in the same areas: Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

Savings APY

0.04% to 0.15% APY

Savings APY

0.01% APY

Savings APY

0.01% to 0.05% APY

Minimum opening deposit


Minimum opening deposit


Minimum opening deposit


Monthly fees

Up to $30

Monthly fees

Up to $5

Monthly …read more

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Your Citi Savings Account rate will depend on which Citi package you choose

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