Britain’s most divisive sandwich spread could help fend off stress, said The Times. A new study found that the high level of B vitamins found in Marmite can subdue anxiety by modifying the chemical messengers that cause the brain to overreact. “Many foods, including tuna, chickpeas and many fruits and vegetables, contain vitamin B6,” said Dr David Field, the lead author of the study. However, he added that “the high doses used in this trial suggest that supplements would be necessary to have a positive effect on mood”.

Running like a dog gives man six-pack

Impersonating a dog might be your route to a six-pack, said the Daily Star. A personal trainer has said running on all fours like a dog has given him a “crazy ripped” physique. Nathaniel Nolan, from Indiana, said 326 days of the unorthodox exercise regime also helped with the mobility issues and pain he had been experiencing. Nolan said passers-by “pretty much never” asked what he was doing. “A lot of people underestimate how little people care [about] what’s going on around them,” he said.

‘Insane’ sharks reach 20ft

New studies have found that some “mega sharks” have grown to “insane” sizes after feasting on prey in protected no-fishing zones. Some sharks are now 20ft long, said The Telegraph. “The waters around French Polynesia have transformed into a big tiger paradise – a safe haven, where a shark like Kamakai can birth a new generation of mega tiger sharks,” said Kori Burkhardt, a marine biologist and professional shark diver.

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Study suggests that Marmite can help reduce anxiety

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