DEAR ABBY: When I was leaving work last Friday, I caught two co-workers in a passionate kiss.

The elevator doors were just about closed, but I waved my hand and they opened back up. I averted my eyes before they realized I was there and jumped apart.

Because I was in shock, I made some nervous small talk and did not acknowledge the elephant in the elevator.

My issue is they are both upper management and married to other people. I have no plans to “out” them, but I’m confused about how to interact with them going forward. I work with them on a daily basis as well as attend company parties, which their spouses usually attend.

Any advice would be appreciated as my respect for them has plunged.


DEAR SHOULD HAVE: This is a minefield, so tread carefully and do not say a word about what you saw to anyone. Your respect for those two may have diminished, but it is vital — for your own sake — that your behavior toward them remain the same as it has always been.

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Source:: The Mercury News


Dear Abby: I stumbled across my co-workers in an awkward situation

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