When Anthony Santander looked more closely at the black T-shirt Rougned Odor handed him in the clubhouse Friday, the Orioles outfielder belted out a laugh. The front of it featured a cartoon version of catcher Robinson Chirinos’ face with the words, “Robbie’s Playlist.”

And on the back are all of the sayings Chirinos so frequently yells from the dugout during games — a major part of Baltimore’s energy as it entered Friday’s home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates a season-high three games over .500 and two games out of a wild-card spot. Santander went down the list, cracking up at all 12 of the sayings.

“He says them all the time: ‘Be estupid and hang it!’; ‘Feeling sexy today,’” Santander said, draping the shirt over his chair. “It’s amazing cause it keeps the energy up and it’s helpful to us stick together and try to win games.”

When Chirinos, 35, entered the clubhouse after a hitter’s meeting, donning his own likeness on his chest, he picked up an extra copy of the shirt and held it up. Each saying has a special circumstance . Some are straightforward — “base hit, ball four” — while others are more niche.

It’s part of a clubhouse and dugout environment full of energy, with Chirinos among the lightning rods.

“Everywhere I’ve been when there’s a winning atmosphere, there’s always a good dugout, a loud dugout, people messing with each other, trying to lift each other up,” said Chirinos, an 11-year veteran who’s spent time with six major league teams and reached the World Series with the Houston Astros in 2019. “All this does that. It makes people relax and be accountable and play together and enjoy the moment. The game is hard already. All this is just trying to make people relax and have fun.”

In the clubhouse Friday, Chirinos looked at the sayings on the back of the shirt with pride before going through all 12 to explain their meanings.

‘Ugly finder’

When a foul ball is hit into the dugout, Chirinos pays close attention to wherever it lands. “If it hits you,” Chirinos laughed, “that means you’re ugly.”

‘He said it’

If Chirinos is busy and one of his teammates says one of his lines before the veteran backstop can yell it, Chirinos snaps his finger and gives credit to whomever said it first. He mentioned outfielder Ryan McKenna in particular as a major dugout voice, often beating Chirinos to the punch.

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Source:: The Mercury News


What’s ‘Robbie’s Playlist’? Orioles catcher Robinson Chirinos breaks down his 12 sayings on club’s T-shirts.

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