Napaway is sleeper bus operator with seats that turn into private suites with memory foam beds.
The startup operates overnight weekend services between Washington, DC and Nashville, Tennessee for $125.
See inside the new bus inspired by business class seats on an airplane.

New startup Napaway has entered the growing luxury motorcoach industry.

But Napaway doesn’t have the same mid-drive snack services, beverages, or motion-canceling seats that have defined other luxury bus companies.

Instead, the startup’s crème de la crème is its comfortable beds, an amenity you’ll be hard-pressed to find in any other US bus.

Unlike traditional luxury motorcoaches, Napaway only operates red-eye services between Washington, DC and Nashville, Tennessee (for now).

This overnight 9.5-hour route may seem long and undesirable compared to the next best option: flying. But to help peacefully pass the time, the motorcoach has beds so comfortable it could rival yours at home.

Let’s take a closer look at the bus, which will run travelers $125 one-way.

The large bus — a used Prevost that was converted into its current state as bedrooms on wheels — is hard to miss.

On the exterior, the motorcoach has a galaxy wrap to remind travelers of its peaceful nighttime route.

And inside, instead of cramped rows of seats reminiscent of budget bus rides …

… Napaway has 18 blue and yellow wood-toned “suites” that each come with two seats, creating a hostel-like sleeping space.

Suites can be reserved in advance on Napaway’s website.

Two seats per suite and person may seem excessive, but who doesn’t enjoy the luxury of switching between aisle and window seat at their leisure.

Plus, the dual seats are necessary for the bed function. When pushed flat, they become a combined 6.5-foot-long bed.

These small suites are sectioned off with tall plastic barriers to block views of other passengers, giving travelers some more privacy at night.

Turning the two seats into a bedroom is a simple process that can be done in less than a minute.

Every seat has a small but easily identifiable black lever.

All you have to do is move these black notches up and push the seat backs down …

… and within seconds, you’ll have a lie-flat bed.

The back corner of the bed — where your head will eventually rest — has …read more

Source:: Business Insider


See inside a bus with luxury lie-flat suites inspired by business class that travels overnight from Washington, DC to Nashville

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