Ever since Jayson Tatum was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 2017, his son Deuce has been around for most of that same time. As Deuce has gotten older, he’s made more appearances at Celtics games, which has made him more of an internet sensation thanks to his public interactions with his dad. The latest video involving Jayson and Deuce is sure to do the same.

During a basketball camp that Tatum was hosting, Deuce was trying to score one-on-one against his dad. As Deuce got his shot up, Jayson blocked the show, shocking Deuce while mesmerizing all of the children watching in the process.

.@jaytatum0 blocked Deuce’s shot and Deuce is SHOCKED pic.twitter.com/cIHX4BlYSr

— Cameron Tabatabaie (@CTabatabaie) August 4, 2022

Some fans had some funny reactions to the video, including comparing Deuce’s scoring method of Giannis Antetokoumnpo’s.

That’s what he gets for traveling like he thinks he’s Giannis

— Ryan Bernardoni (@dangercart) August 4, 2022


Others included that the four-year-old could potentially get back at his dad on the court for the public humiliation.

Not shown:

Deuce driving down the lane next possession and putting dad on a poster for revenge.

— R.J. McCann (@RJMcCann7) August 5, 2022

Videos that show how Jayson Tatum interacts with his son like this one will only continue to make Deuce an internet sensation.

What’s also made Deuce so popular among Celtics fans is how cold he’s been to some of Tatum’s teammates in Boston.

Deuce Has ‘Beef’ With Other Celtics

Deuce has gained quite the attention for how he interacts with some of the other Celtics players. For example, when the Celtics beat the Miami Heat in Game 2 of the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals, Grant Williams was trying to either pound fists or get high fives from teammates. That was, of course, until he got to Deuce.

Once Grant tried to get a high five from Deuce, he coldly ignored Williams and later walked away with his dad.

As cold as that may have been, Grant is not the only Celtic Deuce has had beef with in the past. During a regular season game against the Utah Jazz, Deuce tried to punch Marcus Smart while Smart was inbounding the ball.

Deuce Tatum tried to hit Marcus Smart on the inbound pass 😂

— Celtics Direct (@CelticsDirect) March 24, 2022

After the game, Smart was asked if he felt Deuce’s attempt to hit him, …read more

Source:: Heavy.com


Video of Jayson Tatum and Deuce at Basketball Camp Goes Viral

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