The Boston Celtics got quite the scare in Game 3 of the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals when Marcus Smart went down in pain following what looked like a severe ankle injury. Smart would then return to play out the rest of the game against the Miami Heat three minutes later.

Smart would go on to miss Game 4 because of the ankle injury but would play out the rest of the Celtics’ playoff games from there on out. However, it appears the ankle injury stuck with him until the very end. In a recent interview with Bobby Manning of CLNS Media, Smart confirmed that he’s been recovering all summer from the ankle injury during the Eastern Conference Finals.

“(I’m) a little banged up from last year,” Smart told Manning. “My ankle is feeling better. It’s still healing, so I’m dealing with that. I’m just giving it as much rest as I can, but definitely back on the court, definitely back into the action. It felt like yesterday, we just finished playing… I’m definitely doing everything I can for next season and to go deeper.”

When Manning asked Smart how close to 100 percent he was, Smart said he was “pretty close.”

Caught up with Marcus Smart at his YounGameChanger pop-up store in Boston today. He told @CLNSMedia he’s still recovering from his ECF ankle injury

“I’m dealing with that. Just giving it as much rest as I can.”

“I’m pretty close (to 100%).”

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— Bobby Manning (@RealBobManning) September 3, 2022

Smart’s Thoughts on Danilo Gallinari’s Injury

Manning asked Smart for his thoughts on Gallinari’s injury following the confirmation that he suffered an ACL tear. Smart voiced his disappointment in the injury, but also his faith in the other players on the roster who can step up in Gallinari’s place.

“When I seen and heard (about) it, it was just devastating,” Smart said. “You never want to see anybody get hurt. Let alone on your team, but anybody. Somebody like Gallo, who was coming in and was going to help us tremendously. It definitely pushes us back a little bit, but it’s the NBA, we’re professionals, we have other guys on the roster, and it’s time for them to step up.”

Smart on Gallinari ACL: “Never want to see anybody get hurt … (Gallo was) coming in and was going to help us tremendously. It …read more



Celtics Star Confirms He’s Still Recovering From Playoff Injury

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