There are fans of both the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys now on pins and needles wondering what will become of Jimmy Garoppolo once again.

In the wake of Dak Prescott needing surgery on his right thumb that he injured during the Cowboys’ 19-3 loss on NFL opening day to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the idea of Garoppolo wearing the star on his helmet was brought up by fans and analysts on the late evening of Sunday, September 11.

Fox Sports 1 analyst Emmanuel Acho was one who highly suggested Jerry Jones should make a run at the new No. 2 quarterback for the 49ers. The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill was another who wondered if Dallas should go after Garoppolo.

Even 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan addressed that rumor in his Monday, September 12 press conference with the Bay Area media.

Kyle Shanahan gave his usual refrain when asked about a potential Jimmy Garoppolo-to-Dallas trade: “We’ll listen to anybody on anything. That never changes for any player … or coach.”

— Matt Barrows (@mattbarrows) September 12, 2022

Will the 49ers consider trading Jimmy Garoppolo to Dallas in light of Dak Prescott’s injury?

Hell yes they’ll consider it. Shanahan says they’ll even consider trading a coach!

“We’ll listen to anybody on anything. That never changes for any player or coach. “

— David Lombardi (@LombardiHimself) September 12, 2022

But one analyst hinted at a unique trade idea that involves both teams — and gives the 49ers a seven-time Pro Bowler in exchange.

Trade Idea Helps Fill Significant Offensive Need

Brad Graham, who runs @TheSFNiners and is set to make regular appearances on KRON 4 San Francisco breaking down the 49ers, sparked quite the online conversation by hinting at this trade idea:

— Brad (@Graham_SFN) September 12, 2022

Long story short: Dallas gets Garoppolo, the 49ers get Zack Martin.

Yes, that Zack Martin — the one who has played in seven total Pro Bowls, has been named a First Team All-Pro selection five times in his career including the 2021 season, was nominated to the league’s All-Decade team of the 2010s and even earned the Pinstripe Bowl Most Valuable Player award in 2013.

One fan gave a strong five-word reaction to this idea Graham presented.

“I’m definitely doing this trade,” …read more



Analyst Hints at Garoppolo Trade Idea That Lures in 7-TIme Pro Bowler

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