A: My husband and I commuted on BART daily about 20 years ago. Since then, we have ridden BART periodically.

Last Thursday we had our most miserable ride ever. It started out fine at Antioch station around 5 p.m. We got off at the Pittsburg transfer station and noticed a crowd of people waiting to get on. It was about 110 degrees. A fellow passenger commented that the people waiting to board looked like zombies. We soon discovered why.

Jennifer Young

A: Tell me more.

Q: We ended up waiting in the 110-degree heat for 20, if not 30 minutes. We could not clearly hear updates because of the hot wind, and the board that shows how long it will be until the next train was not functioning.

When we finally boarded the SF-bound train, we realized the air conditioning was not working. We were sweating profusely and would have turned around, if it wouldn’t have meant missing the Lady Gaga concert we were going to. We talked about going home or getting an Uber/Lyft, but it was too late to drive to our destination in time. Clothing soaked through, we decided to stick it out.

Jennifer Young

A: There’s more…

Q: The train had to drive much slower than normal for safety. It took around 30 more minutes than it typically takes, more than the 20-minute delay BART listed online. I was stressed that we would be late for a show we spent a lot of money on.

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BART heatwave horror story, ‘the people waiting to board looked like zombies. We soon discovered why’: Roadshow

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