If there’s one thing New York Jets fans generally agree on, it’s that Woody Johnson and his family should sell the franchise.

This has been a popular request for some time but the numbers behind this movement have grown even more over the past year or two because of the New York Mets. During his second season as the new owner, Steve Cohen has turned the Wilpon operation into a legitimate World Series contender.

Of course, baseball has no salary cap so money does go a long way, but people are interested in more than a large payroll. Fans want competence and passion — something they don’t always see in owners like the Johnsons or the Wilpons.

Unfortunately, there has been very little traction on a Jets sale… until today.

Mike Francesa Teases Potential Jets Ownership Change

During his new show, “The Mike Francesa Podcast,” long-time sports-talk radio giant Mike Francesa dropped a bomb regarding a potential Jets ownership change while speaking with former general manager Mike Tannenbaum.

“The question is — I’ve been hearing rumblings that [the Jets] franchise could be sold in the next couple of years, from people who should know things,” Francesa voiced to Tannenbaum. “You buy into that at all — you think they’re getting tired with the process — or you think that’s nonsense?”

It was an odd unsubstantiated rumor for Francesa to drop in the form of a question, but if there’s one thing the WFAN legend still has, it’s connections. Having said that, Tannenbaum didn’t exactly bite on the piece of information.

“I would think it’s probably nonsense,” the ex-NYJ GM replied. “Candidly, I don’t know. It would just be speculation [on my part] but I know when I was there [that] they were always committed to the organization.”

Francesa later cut in that he “can’t see why anybody would sell [an NFL] franchise because there’s so much money to be made,” before adding that the Johnsons don’t need money.

Woody Johnson Looking to Sell Jets, Fact or Fiction?

Francesa’s track record has taken a few hits over the years but there’s no guarantee that this claim is false. The Jets have been the laughing stock of the NFL for the past decade and the Johnsons could be wondering if all this baggage is worth it.

After all, that last part from Francesa is definitely true — the Johnsons do not need to profit off the organization, their pharmaceutical …read more

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Mike Francesa Rumors ‘Rumblings’ of Jets Ownership Change

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