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In season 12, episode 16, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast visited Aspen, Colorado. During the trip, Kathy Hilton slept in a bunk bed at her sister, Kyle Richards’ home. Richards also requested that Hilton made sure her dog did not get out of the house while she went skiing. Hilton shared that she did not mind her sleeping situation, but noted she was dissatisfied with the room’s closet space and lack of hangers. 

A Reddit user took to the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit to share that they disapproved of where Hilton stayed in Richards’ Aspen house. 

“Imagine sleeping on this awful bunk bed with these horrendous bed pillows. I feel sorry for Kathy!!!” read the post. 

Reddit Users Shared Their Thoughts About Kyle Richards 

GettyKyle Richards.

Several Bravo fans shared their thoughts about the matter in the comments section. Quite a few commenters noted that Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, did not want to grill corn for Hilton during the Aspen trip. 

“Can’t imagine why Kathy hasn’t been to visit LMAO Meanwhile, upstairs Mo serving undercooked corn, no silverware, napkins, or d*** butter………This was a f***** gaslight sleepover if I ever saw one,” wrote a commenter. 

“Banishing your adult half sister to the bunk beds seems like typical family b******,” shared a different person. 

“I mean, it looks quiet and dark, away from everyone else. If I needed sleep I’d be fine with it. The lack of hangers was the real scandal here,” stated a commenter. 

“And waking up with a poorly trained dog in your face How do rich people not employ a dog trainer to get their dogs under control? (Expect for it being part of your story line to always be running after your untrained animals) I love dogs, but it’s so rude to have them around other people when not trained well. Just because you love dogs, doesn’t mean everyone does,” commented a Bravo fan. 

“I feel bad because [Richards] spent the whole confessional scene calling her high maintenance Meanwhile she’s literally sleeping in the kids room after eating raw corn,” added a different person. 

“Exactly. Kyle being the worst host with napkin, half cooked boil corn etc. on top of that gives her friends actual rooms to stay in but her older sister gets a bunk bed …read more



Fans Criticize Kyle Richards’ Hospitality Toward Kathy Hilton

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