If you no longer want to use CarPlay on your iPhone, you can adjust your CarPlay preferences in Settings.

You can turn off Apple CarPlay on your iPhone by forgetting a synced vehicle in the Settings app.
To disable CarPlay completely, you can turn it off in the Content & Privacy Restrictions settings.
To use CarPlay again, simply re-connect the vehicle and ensure the feature is enabled. 

Apple CarPlay is a built-in feature that many cars now offer. The software allows drivers to easily sync an iPhone to their vehicle.

While CarPlay can be convenient, you may no longer wish to use the feature with your iPhone.

To turn off the feature, you can either turn off the app in the Restrictions tab in Settings or by forgetting a synced vehicle. 

The latter is best for stopping CarPlay from activating as soon as you plug your phone into a friend or relative’s car, while allowing you to still use it in your own vehicle.

Here’s how to turn off Apple CarPlay in two ways.

Note: Once you turn CarPlay off, you can always re-add a vehicle or turn the feature back on in your Restrictions settings and use Apple CarPlay again.

How to turn off CarPlay on your iPhone through the Settings app

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap General.

3. Tap CarPlay.

Tap “CarPlay.”

4. You’ll immediately see a list of vehicles synced with your iPhone. Tap on the vehicle that you’d like to forget.

5. Tap the blue Forget This Car option on the next screen.

Tap “Forget This Car.”

6. Tap the red Forget option in the pop-up to confirm you want to forget the vehicle.

Tap “Forget.”

Quick tip: You can also prevent CarPlay from launching by removing your iPhone from the list of connected devices in a vehicle – check the user manual for the vehicle’s device for instructions.

While this will deactivate CarPlay for the vehicle you forgot, the feature will still work in other vehicles. To turn off CarPlay altogether, you’ll have to access your iPhone’s Restrictions.

How to turn off CarPlay on your iPhone in Restrictions

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap Screen Time.

Tap “Screen Time.”

3. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Tap “Content & Privacy Restrictions.”

4. If you’ve never used the restrictions before, the toggle for Content & Privacy Restrictions, which is found at the top, may be turned off. To turn …read more

Source:: Business Insider


How to turn off CarPlay on your iPhone in 2 quick ways

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