Experts caution that not all supermarket deals are actually deals

Feel like your grocery bill is high? Inflation may not be the only reason. Part of the reason might be store design.
Stores work to encourage customers to buy more than they intended.
Flashy store signs, the size of carts, and even where you find the eggs and milk all contribute to getting customers to spend more.

Feel like your grocery bill is high? Inflation may not be the only reason. Part of the reason might be store design, which is aimed at encouraging you to buy more than intended. Here are the top techniques you should know that experts say get you to buy more.

Sale signs at the entrance

Flashy sale signs not only draw you in, but they also create what’s called positive pricing, according to Edward Fox, professor of marketing at SMU Cox School of Business.

“When people walk in the store, they see key items at low prices, and that influences their perceptions
of the store’s prices,” he said. It sets the tone for the rest of your shopping trip.

Essentials at the back of the store

Looking for milk and eggs? You’ll have to walk to the back of the store for them – passing lots of other items along the way. Walking through the whole store exposes you to more products, which can lead to buying more stuff, said Fox.

Customers often have to walk to the back of the store, passing other tempting options when they are looking for essentials like milk and eggs.

Large carts

A big cart means lots of space for more items, and that’s no accident. “Larger carts do, on average, increase the size of the total ticket by 20% or something like this,” said Patrick Fisher, Interics VP of retail strategy and a retail industry analyst and consultant formerly of Nielsen and Lidl US.

Large, colorful sale signs

There’s nothing like a large, colorful sale sign to draw your eye to a product. These catch customer attention, whether there’s a deal or not. People who prefer to buy items on sale will buy more when a product is on sale, which works to the retailer’s advantage, said Fox.

Endcap displays are meant to be enticing to shoppers, aimed at getting them to buy more than they intended.

More expensive brands at eye level

“Because convenience is key with customers, 60 percent of items we choose to purchase are merchandised …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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