Unless he is intent on being a collaborator in his own coaching demise, there was no reason for Robert Saleh to drop his “receipts” bomb on the media, and forever disgruntled Jets fans, during a Monday Zoom call with boss scribes.

A couple of days later, the faux-beleaguered coach tried explaining why he went down a dead-end street, saying it was a way of defending his players. The problem was there was nothing to defend them against. Salah was tilting at windmills.

The media covering the Jets, including Valley of the Stupid Gasbags, has been patient (aka hands-off treatment) with the coach after his first season. If anything, his message of hope had been embraced. Saleh should be known as Kid Charmin. If anything, the media focus has been on the inevitable return of quarterback Zach Wilson.

Nonetheless, Saleh became the second prominent Jets employee to see ghosts when he said: “I’m taking receipts [on Jets critics], and I’m going to be more than happy to share them with all of you when it’s all said and done.” His comments made us wonder if someone had serenaded Saleh with old Jets rants voiced by the poster boy for Jets misery, and former WFAN yakker, Joe Benigno. Saleh’s alleged frustration boiled over during his paid segment on ESPN-98.7′s “The Michael Kay Show.” Saleh said he couldn’t wait “until it comes around and we shove it down everybody’s throat.”

Saleh has put himself in a box with the media. His “receipts” declaration makes Sunday’s game against Cleveland bigger than it should be. Unless the Jets media goes soft, every analysis of a loss should include a reminder about having to wait yet another day to ”shove it down everybody’s throat.” Around here, when a coach points fingers at (in this case Saleh threatened) the media, and is not successful on the field, buffoon status can be “achieved” quickly.

So, it’s worth wondering how Saleh concluded it was a fine idea to pop off. It doesn’t sound like something an experienced Jets PR staff would recommend. Does Saleh have a small circle of advisers (none who work for the Jets) who suggested he go on the offensive? Or did he arrive at the decision through some solo soul searching?

Get it? Saleh also leaves the door open to question his decision-making process. If it can be questioned in the “receipts” case, a communications matter, how soon …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


Bob Raissman: Robert Saleh goes off the runway with his ‘receipts’ ravings

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