The Chicago Bulls head into the 2022-23 regular season with plenty of questions surrounding the health of starting point guard Lonzo Ball. But they might already believe they have the answer.

If there is an issue, it is that, to find out if second-year guard Ayo Dosunmu is indeed the answer they need to play him as much as possible.

He is heading into the final year of his contract with restricted free agency likely on the horizon.

Despite his pending restricted status, the Bulls’ path to keeping him may not be as clean as they would hope in light of his quick development from second-round pick to potential long-term building block. It just adds another question mark to this Bulls team that showed a lot of promise last season.

Competition for Dosunmu Next Summer

The Bulls have added incentive to find out just what they have in Dosunmu. He is heading for restricted free agency after this season meaning they can match any offer that comes his way. But if he impresses again, even in a bench role, the Bulls could face stiff competition to retain him.

“I am sure they will match any deal he gets,” a rival executive told Heavy’s Sean Deveney. But another team can make things difficult by putting in a balloon payment in the third year. If he makes a big leap this year, maybe that could happen. You’d have to look out for a rebuilding team like the Spurs or Jazz or Magic on that. Especially San Antonio, he is their kind of player.”

.@NBCSBulls analyst @KendallG13 joined @rob_schaef on the Bulls Talk podcast to discuss the off-season and the growth of Ayo Dosunmu


— Bulls Talk (@NBCSBulls) August 17, 2022

That is why, even at the risk of helping to boost his price exponentially, the Bulls might be wise to go with the 22-year-old guard in the starting lineup.

For all of the reasons to go away from the other options, there are few with Dosunmu.

One could argue their minus-5.3 efficiency differential with Dosunmu in the lineup, per Cleaning the Glass. But, as teammate Alex Caruso pointed out of Dosunmu, he was just playing without having much understanding of the NBA game after being thrust into the starting lineup.

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Bulls Receive Chilling Warning About Future of Ayo Dosunmu

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