The Golden State Warriors are coming off of a championship victory that marked their fourth title in the last eight years. It’s been an incredible decade for the Warriors, as they’ve enjoyed a lot of success. And they’ve done it with a wide variety of different personalities on the roster.

Stephen Curry can let his emotions be shown every once in a while, but for the most part, he keeps things on the court. Draymond Green, on the other hand, is never afraid to say what he’s thinking. And then there’s Klay Thompson, who is one of the quietest stars in the league.

After missing two years due to multiple injuries, Thompson finally made his return to the court this past season. He won his fourth title and has seemingly spent the majority of his offseason on his boat. During a recent Instagram post, he flexed his titles to the public.

Klay just checking in to remind em’ 💍💍💍💍

— TheWarriorsTalk (@TheWarriorsTalk) September 16, 2022

In the video, Thompson was, as usual, on his boat hanging out. He was vibing to a song and threw up four fingers one at a time, representing his four championships. It seems fitting that the quietest member of the bunch would show off his success in the subtlest way possible.

He’s been having a great offseason, and Steve Kerr said that it’s been good for him.

Kerr Discusses Thompson’s Offseason

This is the first summer in two years that Thompson has been able to have a normal offseason. Instead of rehabbing injuries, he’s been training, chilling on his boat, and watching his brother play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Kerr said that it’s been great for him.

“We texted the other day, and he is just having such a great summer,” Kerr explained. “He’s in such a wonderful place now that he’s back and he’s healthy, and his brother Trayce [Thompson] is hitting home runs for the Dodgers.”

That’s not all Kerr had to say about Thompson, though. He also sounded off on potential improvements Thompson could make next year.

Thompson’s Path Back to Normalcy

Just because Thompson made his return last year doesn’t mean he was back to normal. He still put up solid statistics, but he wasn’t quite himself still. Heading into next year, Kerr said that Warriors fans should expect Thompson to be a bit more consistent.

“Klay is just on cloud nine …read more



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