Paige DeSorbo has been making a few appearances on season 8 of “Southern Charm” thanks to her relationship with one of its OG stars, Craig Conover.

Fans seized on one of the comments she made during the 11th episode of the season and roasted the “Summer House” star on social media. DeSorbo was visiting Conover and they were getting ready for Austen Kroll’s Friendsgiving party when Conover complimented his girlfriend on her all-black outfit.

“I can’t with the not black anymore, I’m so over it.” she replied, deadpan. “It’s not who I am as a human to not wear black,” she continued as Conover laughed. “Because everyone’s like basic beige Betty down here and I’m trying to fit in,” she added as Conover pointed out that Charleston residents wear a lot of pastels and florals as well. “Yeah, I can’t,” DeSorbo replied with an eye roll.

Later, she told Kroll’s sister that she was so happy to see her dressed in black and leather. The comments appeared to rub many fans the wrong way as they took to social media to call out DeSorbo and point out that she wore a lot of beige and pastels on “Summer House.”

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Fans Ripped DeSorbo for the ‘Hypocritical’ Comment & Reacted to Photos of Her Wearing Beige

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DeSorbo’s comments came up a few times on Reddit after the episode aired, including in one thread where someone wrote, “When beige said this [comment] I gasped. We literally just watched her on summer house wearing pastels and bright colors all summer. She’s such a hypocrite and I used to really like her on SH.”

Someone else agreed, “Paige literally wore neon lime green all last summer. She’s such a poser.” Someone commented, “Omg I thought the same lol – like… you dress exactly like that at the Hamptons all summer, how much more basic and obvious can you get?!” Many said her comments were showing a “mean girl” side, including someone who said, “I was yelling at the television when she said that about basic! She is such a mean girl!” Another wrote, “literally the rich mean girls we all went to HS with and got bullied …read more



Paige DeSorbo Called Out by Fans Over ‘Mean Girl’ Comment

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