The New England Patriots legend Bill Belichick doesn’t appear to be considering retiring as a head coach any time soon. Still, given his age (70), Robert Kraft and his son Jonathan have to consider what’s next or who could be a worthy replacement for the future Hall-of-Famer.

The Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard fielded a question about a potential replacement for Belichick, and the reader brought up “an interesting name.” Bedard was asked if former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and current Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano might be a realistic candidate.

“Schiano is an interesting name I hadn’t heard of,” Bedard responded. “But I’m not sure he’s leaving Rutgers this time around … unless they balk at what they have promised in terms of facilities. He learned his lesson … sometimes the grass is not always greener. Could this job entice him? Sure it could. ”

Schiano didn’t have a great run as a head coach with the Bucs. In two seasons from 2012-13, Schiano led Tampa Bay to an 11-21 record with no playoff appearances. Schiano had been at Rutgers from 2001-11, but he left to chase his NFL dream.

Schiano returned in 2020 and has compiled a 10-14 record with one bowl appearance since returning. Schiano has the Scarlet Knights off to a 2-0 start this season, so things are again looking up for the program.

Should the Patriots Hire Another Defensive-Minded Head Coach?

Like Belichick, Schiano’s experience has come on the defensive side of the ball. While there was a time when it was en vogue to hire coaches who are defensive specialists as the sideline leaders.

However, that has changed dramatically over the past decade. With the NFL meta shifting to a more offensive focus, organizations appear to be targeting offensive masterminds to shape the futures of their franchises.

Schiano is 56 years old, so he’s not exactly a young candidate. He’d need to put together an amazingly strong year in 2022 and continue that brand of success the next couple of years if he was going to make himself an attractive candidate to the Patriots or any other NFL team looking for a new head coach.

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Patriots Could ‘Entice’ Former Bucs Coach to Replace Bill Belichick

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