The Brian Daboll era is only a couple weeks old, and the New York Giants are already stacking wins under their first-year head coach.

While Daboll has started his NFL head coaching career with two straight wins, his locker room demeanor after each of those wins differed drastically. This was the scene in Nashville last week, after the Giants came back to beat the Tennessee Titans, 21-20, on the road (with some commentary from running back Saquon Barkley):

On Brian Daboll’s postgame dance.

Eli Manning to Peyton: “I want to see you do that same dancing move, Peyt.”

Peyton: “If you go all season without making fun of my forehead, I will do that dance.”

Eli: “No dance. No deal. Cannot do it.” #ManningCast 🏈

— Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) September 13, 2022

Daboll’s message after New York’s 19-16 win over the Carolina Panthers had a much different tone. Instead of unfiltered celebration, he gave his team a sobering message: “This is going to be a long, hard journey.”


— New York Giants (@Giants) September 18, 2022

“Good win. Wins are hard to come by in this league,” Daboll said. “We got a scrappy bunch — okay? — that doesn’t waver. And that’s what you appreciate. We don’t waver. All right? This is going to be a long, hard journey. It is. For all of us. Okay? And the result is great. I love it. But remember — if we had lost this game, it’s still about our preparation and our process. Okay? Our preparation and our process.”

The Week 1 dance party was warranted for a few reasons. It was Daboll’s first career win, and his Giants were 5.5-point underdogs against the Titans on the road. The vibe after their Week 2 win over the Panthers was much different. Expectations are on the rise, and the game had its ugly moments. There’s also the fact that his boss, general manager Joe Schoen, was over his shoulder while he was delivering the locker room speech.

Overall, this is what establishing a winning culture looks like. Daboll let loose for his first win; now he’s trying to make winning the norm in New York.

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