At the tender ages of 9 and 7, Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and other family members in following Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin into Westminster Abbey Monday for her globally televised state funeral.

William and Kate are said to have thought long and hard about whether to bring their two oldest children to the funeral, where they would be in the presence of world leaders and seen around the world.

But the couple decided the children were ready after senior palace advisers told them that it would send a powerful symbolic message for the future of the monarchy to have them attend, The Daily Mail reported. That’s especially the case for George, who became second in line to the throne with the queen’s Sept. 8 death. Charlotte is now third in line to the throne.

As the Daily Mail said, George just overcame “the daunting prospect” of starting a new school. Now he is “the future of the monarchy.”

George and Charlotte arrived at the Abbey holding their mother’s hands. Kate also reassuringly touched their shoulders as she directed them inside. They also joined the procession behind the coffin, flanked on either side by their parents, and ahead of Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

(Unfortunately, Charlotte, at age 3 and through no fault of her own, ended up at the center of a widely reported row between her mother and Meghan over which woman made the other cry at a bridesmaid’s dress fitting ahead of Meghan and Harry’s 2018 royal wedding.)

George and Charlotte have become increasingly visible in the past year. They attended a memorial service at Westminster Abbey in March for their great-grandfather Prince Philip, who died in 2021, and were seen at events celebrating their great-grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

Attending Monday’s funeral gave George and Charlotte a chance to say goodbye to Her Majesty, who they affectionately called “Gan Gan,” the Daily Mail said. Their younger brother Louis, 4, whose antics charmed the crowd at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, was said to be too young to attend.

For Monday’s funeral, George and Charlotte donned black like everyone else, with George wearing tailored black suit and tie, and Charlotte in black coat, hat and tights.

George and Charlotte are somewhat younger than William was when he attended his mother Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 at the age of 15.

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Source:: The Mercury News


George and Charlotte say goodbye to their ‘Gan Gan’ at queen’s funeral — and send ‘powerful’ message about monarchy’s future

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