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For years, I was always the one to raise my hand at work and go above and beyond.
But when I realized it was affecting my health, I “quiet quit” — but I just called it setting boundaries.
Having that extra time freed me to make money on YouTube and other side hustles.

Even though “quiet quitting” has been a hot topic in recent months, I had no clue what it was until I did a little digging. I learned that quiet quitting is a trend among workers of refusing to go above and beyond at work and simply doing what you were hired to do.

As I continued to read more articles and saw people discussing quiet quitting on TikTok, I thought, “This is nothing new.” I started doing this years ago, and for me, it was simply about setting boundaries.

Once I realized there was no guarantee that I’d see the benefits of overworking myself, I was able to find much more time for side hustles and avoid burnout by “quiet quitting.” It also hasn’t held me back from climbing the ladder at work.

I’ve always been a hard worker — but I pushed it too far

I’ve been a hard worker my entire life, and a lot of that has to do with growing up lower-middle class. My dad always taught me to give more, not less, and I’ve always had to work twice as hard to succeed. We were regularly struggling with money and receiving threats of eviction, too, so part of my hard work is the anxiety that I’ll be the weakest link at work and get let go.

I couldn’t afford college, so I dropped out after a semester and started working full-time. From the start, I worked myself far beyond anything that would be considered healthy. For years, if bosses needed anyone to work extra hours, I’d volunteer. If they needed someone to do something outside their job description, I’d sign up for it. I made sure to always be available via my phone when I wasn’t at work, and …read more

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I ‘quiet quit’ my job years ago and it freed me to make thousands on my side hustles

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