Last season, the Las Vegas Raiders went 4-0 in games that went to overtime. That success did not carry over to the 2022 season. Despite having a 20-0 lead at halftime against the Arizona Cardinals, the team lost 29-23 in overtime. It was one of the worst losses the team has ever had and they are now 0-2 to start the season.

The Raiders were met with a lot of pushback by fans when they hired Josh McDaniels as head coach. The longtime New England Patriots offensive coordinator previously failed as the head coach of the Denver Broncos and didn’t even finish his second season with the team. He was able to win fans over with an impressive offseason that saw the team land Davante Adams.

Unfortunately for McDaniels, fans are back to questioning his ability as a head coach. Raiders fans are used to seeing the team blow leads in the fourth quarter of games but he was supposed to change that. The team was dominating the game in the first half but the offense completely shut down in the second half. As the offensive playcaller, McDaniels deserves much of the blame for the lackluster performance. Fans were not kind to the coach after the Raiders pulled off the shocking loss.

Josh McDaniels deserves FAR more blame than Patrick Graham

— raidersTANKszn🏴‍☠️ (@raiderstankszn) September 19, 2022

At this rate, Josh McDaniels will be calling plays for the Patriots before we find out who’s calling plays for the Patriots.

— Dave Brown (@ThatDaveBrown) September 11, 2022

Josh McDaniels still can’t coach

— Stef 🤴🏽 (@SLxHill) September 18, 2022

Great, now everyone’s going to pretend that Kliff Kingsbury is a coaching genius because the Raiders choked and Josh McDaniels is a shit coach.

— Unmistakable Latin Flavor (@UrinatingTree) September 18, 2022

Josh McDaniels is GARBAGE. He’s literally NEVER been good.

— yaboijamesy (@GTzoso_) September 18, 2022

Josh McTerrorist without Belichick the last 13 years: 8-10

Bill Belichick without Josh McDaniels the last 13 years: 28-12#ForeverNE

— Jones Enjoyer. | #LetsGoBuffalo #ForeverNE (@BuffaloSabres06) September 19, 2022

How Long Is McDaniels’ Leash?

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Josh McDaniels Ripped Apart After Raiders Lose to Cardinals

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