For all of the flaws last season, the Chicago Bulls were among the best three-point shooting teams in the NBA last season.

Sure, it takes more than being able to convert your three-point attempts to be an NBA champion, but having reliable shooters throughout your roster is a core building block for any team wishing to contend for a championship. If some of those shooters can also help your team out in other areas, then you’re onto a winning formula.

Unfortunately for the Bulls, not all of their roster is capable of providing multi-skilled impact, and in reality, beyond the team’s incredibly strong starting five, they lack significant depth – an issue that came to haunt them during the post-season.

Alec Burks is taking over.

He’s scored New York’s last three buckets.

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) May 24, 2021

As such, Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey has postulated a trade that could help resolve Chicago’s depth issue without giving up a core piece of their rotation. The trade proposal looks like this:

Chicago Gets: Alec Burks

Detroit Pistons Get: Javonte Green and Coby White

“Coby White is only 22 years old. He just shot 38.5 percent from three last season. There’s probably some upside yet to uncover. But having DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic puts the Chicago Bulls in a win-now window, and Alec Burks would be a short-term upgrade. His wingspan is five inches longer, he’s a more experienced defender and he’s hit 40.1 percent of his threes over the last three seasons,” Bailey reasoned in his September 19 article. 

Given White’s uninspiring start to life in the NBA, trading him away for a proven veteran makes perfect sense, while it could also be good for White’s development – assuming he can earn minutes as a back-up for Cade Cunningham.

What Does Burks Bring to The Roster?

Burks, 31, is coming off an impressive season for the New York Knicks, where the veteran guard split his time between starting and coming off the bench – he participated in 81 games, starting 44 of them. 

Unlike White, Burks is a reliable secondary playmaker who can create his own shot or generate scoring opportunities for others, but his bread and butter is his reliable outside jumper, where he averaged a 40.4% clip last season on 4.8 attempts per …read more



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